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Video Games Are More Popular Than Comic Books Says Spiderman Producer

Avi Arad, the producer of “Spider-Man,” “X-Men” and “Iron Man” at Wednesday’s Milken Institute Global Conference said that Hollywood will do for video games what it has done for comic-book superheroes. He also went to say

Video games are more popular than comic books, so it only makes sense that the film industry would embrace them.”

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. More video game based movies will be heading to a movie theater near you. Thomas Tull, CEO of Legendary Pictures commented

“Comic books for a while were kind of like the dregs of what can be made into movies, I happen to think that on the video game front a similar shift is going to happen.”

So video game movies are here to stay gamers. Prince of Persia may be the first in a series of great game based movies. With so many awful video game based movies, its about time we received some good adaptions.

29 April 2010 Featured Content Gaming Movies

  • well, I tend to agree. Comic Books involve reading, which a lot of the younger generation doesn’t do They would rather sit in front of a screen playing a game. And the fact that games let the player get involved in the story, in my opinion, makes it a far better experience than reading a comic book.

  • Who’s the dude in the picture?

    • @tordavis Thats the new guy handling the Spider Man reboot, I couldn’t find a good picture of Avi Arad that didn’t look like he was about to die

  • In Your Pants Blaster

    Avid Arad I would assume.