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Wii U Gets Big Discount At Costco


Uh oh! Doom and gloom has surrounded the Wii U as of late, as sluggish sales and a lack of third party support has many questioning the future of the console. At least one retailer is already pushing the discount button, as one of the United States biggest wholesalers Costco has today slashed the price on the Wii U 32 gig bundle to $299.97 ($315 for non-members). The 8 gig bundle has also seen a price cut, with Costco discounting it down to $244.97 ($257.25 for non-members). Shipping is included with both prices. This is a $50-55 decrease in price for the console. There’s no telling when the sale ends or if other stores will follow suit, but many retailers are starting to price match based on online pricing, so it may not hurt to swing by a local retailer if you’ve been waiting for the drop. What does this mean for the Wii U moving forward? I guess only time will tell. I am not quite sure if this is enough for me to take the plunge, but I am definitely tempted, because I definitely want to get my hands on that new Super Mario Brothers!

31 January 2013 Gaming Nintendo WiiU